Hi and welcome to fishertheband.co.uk! Click through the links on the left - hopefully there'll be something you haven't seen or that's new to you. Comments, content, top five songs...or anything really can be mailed to me by clicking here. I've given up on the mystery mp3! I've also given up on getting (m)any entries in the guestbook! Nevertheless the site has seen a few hundred visitors since launch and the 'stuff' section (which has the most time spent on it) remains a popular USP. When you've finished browsing don't forget to sign the guestbook (ho ho), and check back often - you'll find details of any updates on this page.


...what's changed?
(all dates in UK format!)

09/04/2015 Finally got round to changing hosts! Made minor changes. Made

01/10/2007 General tidying up. Although Fisher as a band are in hiatus at the moment, this site is still pulls a decent amount of visitors each month so it'll continue to be hosted as Fisherfans anxiously await the glorious return!

17/10/2005 Removed, updated and added to 'links' section. Update to 'stuff' section due soon.

18/04/2005 Added another top five to 'best' section. Cleaned up code on homepage.

07/03/2005 Changed link on 'talk' page to direct to new messageboard. Revised 'about page'.

25/08/2004 Removed version of IWLY sung at wedding in 2002. Cleaned up code on homepage.

12/08/2004 Added another release to 'cds' section.

01/07/2004 Added another top five to 'best' section.

15/12/2003 Text changed in 'cds' section to reflect that December is no longer available.

26/08/2003 Fixed broken link in 'cds' section.

07/07/2003 Added another top five to 'best' section.

03/07/2003 Altered mailto and added two new top fives to 'best' section.

02/07/2003 Altered some mailtos. Updated 'best' section.

21/02/2003 Corrected a couple of grammatical errors in 'stuff' section.

13/02/2003 Corrected typos on the intro page and in the 'cds' section.

10/02/2003 Added a new CD - probably the first copy of 'How to Lose a Guy' in the UK! Also posted a reasonably significant update to the 'about' section.

16/10/2002 Three! Yes, three additions to the 'cds' section. Updated some descriptions in same section.

16/09/2002 Minor text change to 'talk' page. Changes and additions to 'links' section.

01/07/2002 A few text changes to homepage. Added two new items to the 'cds' section. And...someone actually signed the guestbook the other day!

12/06/2002 Added new items to 'stuff' and 'cds' sections

10/06/2002 Tidied homepage

25/04/2002 Fixed some broken links in 'stuff' and 'cds' sections

22/04/2002 Uploaded mp3 of first ever UK version of IWLY, from my wedding practice

05/04/2002 Entire site moved to new ISP - some downtime yesterday. Removed all silly banners that were an 'integral part' of my previous ISP's 'service. Site is now faster and cleaner than ever!

14/03/2002 Added two new cds to 'stuff' section. Broke 'stuff' section down into two sub sections to improve download time.

05/02/2002 Removed old guestbook and added a new Guest Book to home page

31/12/2001 Added a new top five, corrected typo, and other minor changes to 'best' section

13/12/2001 Changed 'words' section to 'skins' and added Mirah's Winamp skin collection. Finally added a scan of the six song EP to 'stuff' section.

12/12/2001 Added a new CD to the'stuff' section

22/11/2001 Altered some text in 'stuff'. Fixed a typo in 'see'.

21/11/2001 Added three new items to the 'stuff' section - two CDs and a DVD! Blacked out link to mystery mp3 and added a few sentences to the home page introduction.

08/11/2001 Removed a dead link and added a site to the 'links' section. Added another item to the 'stuff' section.

05/10/2001 Fixed guestbook description typo in 'words' section

21/09/2001 Changed the link in 'talk' section to point to the new message board

28/08/2001 Fixed dead 'about' link. Fixed typos and mixed up explanations in stuff section.

Fixed some typos in about and stuff sections, also fixed T-shirt thumbnail in stuff section

Added scans of T-shirt and signed framed pic to accompany existing text in 'stuff' section. Also tidied up thumbnails in this section.

Uploaded two new items to stuff section. Promo poster and promo postcard.

Added scans and explanation of latest Ebay find - IWLY Ron Wasserman edit CD

Removed webring code - it doesn't work!

Still battling with the webring code! The banner's still not working properly.

Added Fisher Webring navigation bar

Uploaded new finds to fishstuff area. A signed photo and Hello it's me promotional CD single. These bits only arrived from the States this morning and they're up on the site already - how good is that!
Decreased width of CD thumbnails in order to improve download speed of fishstuff area.

Added scans of various CD covers to fishstuff area

Added to top five(best) area

Added to top five(best) area. Two more sites in links section.

Fixed layers obscuring text

www.fishertheband.co.uk launched