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…"I think I stumbled upon the link whilst browsing through the pages of mp3.com, I can't really remember. It was late 1999, or early 2000 - I know I bought 'One' very early in 2000. I've also got a feeling that I didn't actually download that many songs before buying the CD, I just ordered it. But they're good though, really they are. I mean, 'I Will Love You' is a bloody classic mate - it's amazing. 'Closer' is wicked, and 'Ordinary Moment', well, unless you've spent your entire life on your own in complete isolation, well, that song has to mean something to you. I reckon' 'Christmas Face' is amazing too…blah, blah"…


You can find detailed biographies on other more worthy sites. Basically Fisher are a band. They're named after Kathy Fisher the lead singer. Sultry with, I think, a country-twang. If you think she looks good, she sings twice better. Kathy is married to Ron Wasserman. He plays the keyboard and writes most of the stuff. He's a clever git, both a top tunester and an accomplished producer. On top of all that he's a nice bloke - unbelievable but true! Jim Cush plays the guitar, but also has a musical career in his own right. He occasionally lays down the odd Fisher track. He's also pretty talented and writes and publishes short stories.
They're American. They're very American actually! Based in the West Coast, they don't like smoking (apart from Ron…check out Miss Ophelia), and alcohol plays a less important role in their social culture. I say this because when I went to see them play in NYC I was a 20 a day smoker who drinks like, well, like a Brit! Problem with America is that you can't smoke anywhere. Bloody nightmare - you've got more chance of opening Cohen's kosher meat factory in Baghdad. Anyway, since then, thanks to the wonders of Zyban, I've given up, but I can sympathise. You still need beer though…those who know the joy of a UK pub will understand the Brit's taste for the odd pint or two. In the US, admitting you sometimes drink to excess tends to go down like a French kiss at a family reunion. Sorry - sidetracked, back to the band…Fisher had a couple of breaks here and there, but found fame by using the internet to promote their music. Ta da!

I'm not a nutcase fan. I have pretty varied musical tastes, but I have to say that I haven't been this 'into' a band since I was a teenager. They're shit-hot. I reckon' they'll break in the UK eventually so maybe fishertheband.co.uk will be the first point of call for UK fans. So that's why I did the site. Oh and the band are also not bad people either! Dead friendly and not at all pretentious or star struck. They'll always take the time to speak to fans after gigs, regularly feature on the message board - and even return emails! Not bad eh? I can't even get staff that work for me to return emails!
So that's a brief history of Fisher and of this UK branch of the Fisher Kingdom. Probably full of lies and half truths.


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Fishertheband.co.uk was written, designed and is sporadically maintained by Steve Moore. Steve is a UK fan of the band, he's 30 (although you wouldn't believe it as the years have been very kind) and lives in Carshalton, Surrey - about 12 miles from the centre of London. Steve's greatest accolade was achieving the position of President of the Southampton Institute Armchair Sports Club - a breakaway militant wing of Lampeter University's Gentleman's Drinking Society.