Fisher 6 Song EP
Explanation: Originally available from mp3.com - I was lucky enough to get one just before stock ran out.
Availability: As rare as rocking horse shit!



Minus One
Explanation: Originally available from mp3.com - now no longer available. It's full of rare, unusual and, well, uncommerical songs. If you're into Fisher you'll love this. If you've never heard their stuff before then it's best to start with True North.
Availability: Rare. Although there are a few mp3's available if you want to hear the songs - ask on the message board for details.



One (original)
Explanation: Originally available from mp3.com - now no longer available. An excellent album, some say the best.
Availability: Rare. You're more likely to see a french kiss at a family reunion.

One (re-release)
Explanation: Once again available.Following massive demand One was re-released at the end of January 2002 (about the same time December was delisted). Same as the original with the addition of IWLY instrumental, purists will also notice a different back cover!
Availability: Not currently available on mp3.com, but still makes the original even more sought after...



True North
Explanation: Fisher's first album to go on general release. It's a bloody masterpiece and I'm chuffed that my name made it into the thankyou credit bits. Very groovy.
Availability: Good - if you live in the States! It's available in lots of high street and web retailers. Currently the cheapest way to source in from the
UK is to buy the album as an import on amazon.co.uk.



True North Dutch Promo
Explanation: Very strange ebay find, listed as:"13 tracks; kind of pre-release by Universal; comes without any extra info than track listing, band/tracks name", I'm not so sure!
Availability: Odder than an odd thing - the one and only I have seen.



Explanation: I'm pretty confident that this was the first copy of December in the
UK. It's a collection of five Christmas songs coupled with a re-mixed version of Christmas Face. Released late 2001 and then again for Christmas 2002.
Availability: Now a real rarity. MP3.com closed its doors as we know it in December 2003 (how apt!). Whilst the actual songs can now be downloaded for free from www.fishertheband.com, the CD is no longer available.



I Will Love You Ron Wasserman Edit
Explanation: I'm not sure of the history on this one but it appears to be a pre-release CD single probably for promotional purposes when Fisher first joined Farmclub.
Availability: I've seen mp3's entitled Ron Wasserman edit, but this is the reference I've found to it on a CD with artwork.



I Will Love You Promo CD Single
Explanation: Yet another ebay find. Sent to radio stations to promote the release of I Will Love You.
Availability: Reasonably difficult to find, but there are still many in circulation.


I Will Love You Promo CD Single - signed by Kathy Fisher
Explanation: A massive surprise this one! IWLY was performed by a couple of friends of mine during my wedding. Later in the evening, another friend said that she had an extra wedding present for us that just had to be opened now - it was a signed CD single! She had craftily been exchanging emails with Kathy. Oodles of thanks to Natasha and to Kathy for adding yet another amazing event to an amazing day.
Availability: A one-off!


Hello It's Me Promo CD Single
Explanation: One of my most recent auction goodies. Sent to radio stations to promote the release of Hello it's me.
Availability: Unsure but there should be quite a few available.



Uppers & Downers
Explanation: Probably the best Fisher album of the lot. A double CD released September 2002. The copy pictured is a hand-printed limited edition signed by both Kathy and Ron. Numbered copies were also released via the Aware Records site.
Availability: Only the first few hundred CDs released were signed.


Live on the Star Set
Explanation: A really good album of live stuff performed on Star and sold for charity. Fisher have one track (I Will Love You) on here.
Availability: A nightmare to get! Star would only ship to a US address, BN kindly ordered one and forwarded it to me. I don't think the album is available anymore.



Live @ Star 100.7
Explanation: Promo CD issued by Farmclub.
Availability: Unsure of how many were produced, but this is the first seen for auction on Ebay.



On the Mountain Seven
Explanation: CD featuring live performances from the Mountain Music Lounge and produced in association with Starbucks. It's a charity CD with proceeds going to The Wilderness Society's Northwest office. It's contains a great acoustic version of Hello It's Me as well as other cracking tunes from a variety of artists.
Availability: Rare. Limited release in the 103.7 The Mountain region - very difficult to get hold of, this copy was sourced new by a kind soul and mailed over to the UK. I have seen none for sale on auction sites - you've got more chance of buying a bacon sandwich in Baghdad.



Radio Deadly - Dazed & Abused
Explanation: Promotional CD sampler from TRS. It features a number of artists from 1999 that were being promoted to radio, retail and the press. Fisher is the first track with 'The Life'.
Availability: Difficult to find.



Sweet Valley High
Explanation: Contains several tracks from Sweet Valley High. The theme tune was sung by Kathy! Several other tracks produced by Ron and performed by Fisher.
Availability: Popular TV show and the soundtrack must have sold by the bucket-load - check out those second-hand record stores!



Great Expectations
Explanation: The album that launched it all...or didn't, depending on your point of view! Track, or number, 12 is Breakable - arguably one of Fisher's finest compositions.
Availability: Still available new and used.



How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Explanation: Fisher's most recent appearance on a movie sountrack. L-O-V-E is track nine and is used in the closing credits of the film.
Availability: Good availability from all usual outlets. As with most movie soundtracks, likely to remain in stock for many years to come.



America's Resolve
Explanation: A collection of songs designed to reflect America's unity and pride following the WTC attack. Profits from the CD are donated to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Fisher features as the first track on the album - IWLY cut with soundbites from the aftermarth.
Availability: Currently available from mp3.com and benefits a good cause.



Celtic Love Songs
Explanation: Album by Susan Craig Winsberg. Track three features Kathleen (Celtic for Kathy) Fisher on vocals.
Availability: Widely available, this copy came from Amazon.



For The Next X
Explanation: Compilation CD featuring a variety of tracks donated to benefit RAINN. Track three is all-time great Fisher tune, Ordinary Moment.
Availability: Available from the charity's website, I imagine whilst stocks last!