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MacAddict Anniversary DVD
Explanation: Originally cover-mounted on MacAddict's 5th anniversary issue, this DVD was later available by mail to US addresses only. I made a special arrangement with the publishers to mail a copy over to the UK. The DVD contains the I Will Love You video and a brief Macintosh testimonial from Ron.
Availability: Loads produced, but probably not so many still around.



Promotional Photo (signed)
Explanation: This is an autographed picture, but unlike the large poster it's not a personal message and just a generic signature. The picture was signed in February 2001 at the Rosebud Cafe, Pittsburgh. I sourced it from an web-based autograph retailer.
Availability: As far as I know there are loads of the press kit pics out there. Also Kathy is usually more than happy to sign bits and pieces for fans. She'd probably be pissed off with opportunists selling them on the net, but I 'spose it's cheaper that a visit to Pittsburgh!


Fisher Press Kit
Explanation: Found this on ebay. It was sent out to radio stations etc when True North was launched. Contains a picture of Kathy and a press release about the band and the release of True North.
Availability: These still turn up on ebay from time to time. Don't pay too much - remember these were originally sent out free!



Fisher Poster Flat
Explanation: That's how it was advertised on ebay! You can probably tell by now that I'm a sucker for auction sites! Well, it's exactly that. I believe it was issued to record stores to promote True Noth.
Availability: It's the only one I've seen advertised, but loads must have been produced.



Fisher True North Postcard Promo
Explanation: Similar to the poster flat; a double-sided postcard issued to promote the release of True north.
Availability: Must be one of many, but I haven't seen many turn up on ebay.



Five Fisher postcards
Explanation: Promotional postcards, rear lists dates od Duncan Sheik and David Gray tours which Fisher supported.
Availability: Sold as a batch of five on Ebay - there are plenty of these around.



Fisher Promo Poster 'True North'
Explanation: Not too sure about this one. Very strange ebay find. It claims to be a promotional poster for True North, but I'm not so sure! It's quite large and I've got a feeling it's been printed on an ink jet printer. The images used are widely available and the style isn't in keeping with the other promotional items produced at that time.
Availability: There seems to be an unlimited supply of this particular item!


Fisher Poster (signed)
Explanation: Pride and joy of my Fisher bits (how sad am I?). Personally signed with message from Kathy Fisher - this lives in its own made to measure frame and lives at the top of the stairs at my house. I've been asked to move it into my office and out of public view and I've said bollocks (or no dear!). Anyway, it looks well-good and must be worth millions :)
Availability: Originally available from digitalsound.net - you just can't get 'em any more.



Fisher T-Shirt
Explanation: Produced to promote One.
Availability: Originally available from digitalsound.net - sold out ages ago.



Fisher Promotional Video
Explanation: Another obsure gem from Ebay. Contains footage from the infamous appearance on Tonight Show, and a Farmclub show previously available for download.
Availability: Copies of this are pretty rare.